Project Team

Mary Shaw, PhD, MCHES

Project Director

Mary Shaw-Ridley is the founding Chair & Professor, Department of Behavioral & Environmental Health in the new School of Public Health (SPH) at Jackson State University…

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Chizoba Anyimukwu, DrPH, MPH

Project Evaluator & Program Consultant

Dr. Chizoba Anyimukwu, Chizoba earned a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Nursing Studies from Teesside University, Middlesbrough, U.K (MAHSA University, Malaysia affiliate),… 

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Shelia McKinney, PhD, CHES

Program Coordinator

For three years, Dr. McKinney has been an integral member of the Behavior and Environmental Health Department at the College of Health Sciences, Jackson State University…

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Mission and Core Values

Create a sustainable Center of Excellence for Black Breastfeeding and Early Care & Nutrition

Core Values

  • Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making
  • Partnerships and Community
  • Meaningful Research, Education, Training (RET) and Advocacy that makes a difference in  the health and well-being of women in Mississippi and beyond
  • Developing Exemplary Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Practitioner-Scholars
  • Honesty 
  • Integrity
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Consortium and Community Partners

W.K. Kellogg Grant/Jackson State University Development Foundation

Funding Period 2020-2023

Establishing Center for Excellence for Black Breastfeeding & Early Nutrition in Mississippi

  • Alcorn State University/School of Nursing
  • Mississippi Valley State University
  • Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) – WIC Lactation Specialists
  • Jackson State University Development Foundation
  • R.O.S.E Reaching Ours Sisters Everywhere (Dr. Kimarie Bugg)
  • Mississippi Public Health Institute (Dr. Roach)
  • Mississippi Nurses Foundation (Ms. Rosalind Howard)
  • Ms. Lydia West, RD, LD
  • Dr. Gerri Cannon-Smith, MD
  • Health Alliance Team (HAT) for Maternal, Child and Family Health (HBCU Initiative)
  • Dr. Ebimaye Tangbe, MSDH
  • Ms. Kysie Bolton, GA Carmichael Family Health Clinics
  • Shirley Evers-Manly, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Lindsey Robertson, RN, IBCLC
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