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Updates from the Maternal Child Health Literature:

  • CHEER’s latest publication in the Journal of Neonatal Nursing documents the prenatal, in-hospital, and at-home breastfeeding experiences, since the statewide increase in Baby-Friendly activity in Mississippi. Although several women reported positive changes in the breastfeeding environment in Mississippi, some continue to experience inadequate hospital, community, and workplace lactation support. The authors conclude that there is still work to be done to ensure adequate prenatal, in-hospital, and at-home breastfeeding education and support. Read and download the full article here by April 14. Gambari, A., Burnham, L., Berger, J., Annapragada, B., Bugg, K., Serano, A., & Merewood, A. (2022). A qualitative assessment of mothers’ perspectives on hospital and community breastfeeding support in Mississippi. Journal of Neonatal Nursing
  • This study analyzed factors affecting breastfeeding commonness among 401 people who intended to breastfeed during their pregnancy. The authors found that breastfeeding is affected by different factors in the short and long term. The results also indicated that pacifier and early formula use negatively affected breastfeeding at 1, 6, and 12 months after birth, while bedsharing had a positive influence on breastfeeding at those time points. Link to article here. Gutierrez-de-Terán-Moreno, G., Ruiz-Litago, F., Ariz, U., Fernández-Atutxa, A., Mulas-Martín, M. J., Benito-Fernández, E., & Sanz, B.  (2022). Successful breastfeeding among women with intention to breastfeed: From physiology to socio-cultural factors. Early human development, 164,105518.
  • Breastfeeding Medicine publication by Schindler-Ruwisch and Aluc explores the biases and perceptions of a diverse group of women towards images of racially/ethnically similar and different women breastfeeding. Their findings indicate that study respondents’ racial/ethnic identity influenced perceptions of ease and norms surrounding breastfeeding in public settings. Link to the full article here. Schindler-Ruwisch, J., & Aluc, A. (2022). The Relationship of Race and Ethnicity to the Perception of Visual Images of Breastfeeding Mothers. Breastfeeding Medicine.
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