Maternal and Child Health (MCH)

Our Practitioner-Scholar CV

Dissertation Research

Tangbe, P. E, Shaw-Ridley, M., Bolton, K., Cannon-Smith G., Mckinney, S., Atehortua, N., & Bennett, R. (2022). Prenatal, delivery and postpartum care experiences among Black women in Mississippi 2020 – 2021 [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. Jackson State University.

Igbokwe, V. Shaw-Ridley, Bennett, R., Atehortua, N., Akil, L., & Azevedo, M. (2022).  Nutrition and Physical Activity Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors among African American Parents of Preschoolers Living in Vicksburg, Mississippi:  A Pilot Study [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. Jackson State University.

Conference Presentations

Shaw-Ridley, M., Anyimukwu, C., Tangbe, P.E., (2022, November 8). Maximizing Needs Assessments and Virtual Meetings to Address Breastfeeding Disparities Among African American Mothers in Mississippi [Oral paper] to be presented a the 22nd Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, Boston, MA.

Tangbe, P. E. (2022, March 24). COVID & Post COVID” Online Peer Support Group-Based CBT for Reducing Postpartum Depression [Panel discussion]. MomNBabyEXCEL Breastfeeding Excellence Conference. MomNBabyExcel Breastfeeding Agenda (

Tangbe, P. E. (2022, May 24-26). Online peer-support group-based cognitive behavioral therapy: A strategy to prevent and reduce postpartum depression during and post-COVID-19 pandemic [Round table discussion]. Association of Maternal and Child Health Program Annual Conference. AMCHP 2022 Annual Conference: Reflecting on our Past, Shaping our Future – AMCHP

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